Women Of Power And Transformation

Women of Power and Transformation, Inc. (WOPAT) Launching a new campaign: Glam up the Midterms! To encourage people to vote November, in the Midterm elections, to create change in our communities.

Welcome to Women Of Power And Transformation

Our Mission is to build up our community of women by empowering them in a safe and healthy environment to rise up as leaders, to connect globally, and support one another mentally, spiritually, and economically for the greater good: We will create synergy amongst Women as a Call to Action through Meet-Ups. 


Our Purpose

♦ To create awareness around issues affecting women, family, and community

♦ To encourage people to vote in elections to create change

♦ To bring together women of power for a significant cause

♦ To transform lives in our communities by giving back

♦ To advocate on behalf of those less fortunate

♦ To mentor future leaders

♦ To create a safe haven for women to reduce stress

♦ To serve as a resource to foster mental, physical, spiritual, and economical support


Our Executives

Professor Michelle Walker-Davis

Founder, CEO

Jacqueline Bigelow

Merchant Services


Dr. Robyn Joppy



Shaylese Lassiter



Tisha Davis

Community Outreach


Tara Walker

Research & Data


Teri Taylor

SW Engineer


Lori Enders Chin

Training Consultant


Maureen Jennings



Divinia Davis