Mission of WOPAT

To build up our community of women by empowering them in a safe and healthy environment to rise up as leaders, to connect globally, and support one another mentally, spiritually, and economically for the greater good.


To create synergy amongst Women as a Call to Action through Meet-Ups.


Women of Power and Transformation, Inc. (WOPAT) Launching a new campaign: Glam up the Midterms! To encourage people to vote November, in the Midterm elections, to create change in our communities.

Purpose Of WOPAT

♦ To create awareness around issues affecting women, family, and community

♦ To encourage people to vote in elections to create change

♦ To bring together women of power for a significant cause

♦ To transform lives in our communities by giving back

♦ To advocate on behalf of those less fortunate

♦ To mentor future leaders

♦ To create a safe haven for women to reduce stress

♦ To serve as a resource to foster mental, physical, spiritual, and economical support

WE ARE a community engagement and advocacy organization for Women. We are not a political organization.

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Our Executives


Professor Michelle Walker-Davis

Founder, CEO


Jacqueline Bigelow

Merchant Services


Dr. Robyn Joppy



Shaylese Lassiter



Tisha Davis

Community Outreach,


Tara Walker

Research & Data


Teri Taylor

SW Engineer


Lori Enders Chin

Training Consultant


Maureen Jennings



Divinia Davis