Welcome to Women Of Power And Transformation

Our Mission is to build up our community of powerful over-worked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed professional women by repositioning their power to create more Work-Life Balance’ to empower them in a safe and healthy environment to rise up as leaders, to connect globally, and reach back to support another woman mentally, spiritually, and economically for the greater good.


We Must Not Forget Ghana!

Join forces with Women of Power & Transformation (WOPAT) and Queen Mother Naa Adese Omanya III in Ghana to make a meaningful impact on families devastated by the recent flooding. 

Back in December 2021, WOPAT initiated a powerful mission in Accra, Ghana, aiming to support and empower 1 Billion Successful Women Entrepreneurs by December 31, 2031, both locally and globally.

In light of our partnership with Queen Mother Naa Adese Omanya III and the people of Ghana, we are dedicated to raising essential funds to aid the families affected by the tragic flood on October 9, 2023.

Your contribution today can bring hope and assistance to those in urgent need. Please consider donating now. Your donation is tax-deductible.




Dr. Michelle Walker-Davis

Our Purpose

♦ To create awareness around issues affecting women, family, and community

♦ To encourage people to vote in elections to create change

♦ To bring together women of power for a significant cause

♦ To transform lives in our communities by giving back

♦ To advocate on behalf of those less fortunate

♦ To mentor future leaders

♦ To create a safe haven for women to reduce stress

♦ To serve as a resource to foster mental, physical, spiritual, and economical support