Shawn D. Johnson

Social Work, Social Policy & Criminal Justice Director of Re-Entry Services.

Shawn Johnson is the proud single mother of five children and mother-figure to countless young men and women who have crossed her path in need of support. She is overjoyed and has reported being blessed beyond measure to have raised four successful young adults and humbled to be given an opportunity to start over raising her youngest child who she adopted in 2017.

Shawn holds a Bachelor Degree in Science (BS) from Drexel University and a dual Master’s Degree in Social Service (MSW equivalent) and Law and Social Policy from Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Social Research. In addition, she holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph’s University.  

Passionate about serving people, Shawn has worked with several vulnerable populations which include but are not limited to, people with or experiencing intellectual disabilities, autism, Asperger’s, physical disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse, therapeutic foster care, homelessness and life as returning citizens. 

She currently serves as the Social Service Coordinator and Director of Reentry Services for Friends Rehabilitation Program (FRP) where she provides social services for low-income individuals and families as well as men and women returning to the community following incarceration.While each position holds a special place in her heart, Shawn has dedicated her work with returning citizens to her late brother, Cory Johnson who never knew how his journey influenced her career path. Helping others pursue excellence on the road to self-sufficiency is what brings her great joy!

In her spare time, Shawn loves to cook. Her passion in the culinary arts paved the way to open the doors of Good 4 the Soul, a restaurant specializing in southern cuisine, with her mother. She served a multitude of patrons in the restaurant and during countless catering events near and far from the Greater Philadelphia area. She also used her platform in the restaurant to minister to at risk youth and adults, usually over a hot meal she offered for free of charge.

Community outreach continues to be second nature to Shawn’s routines and personal interests. She invests time raising awareness and facilitating charitable events for the homeless population, which now include many returning citizens who are reintegrating into society following years incarcerated in State Correctional Institutions (SCI).

In closing, anyone who knows Shawn will tell you that her family is her heartbeat and truly give meaning to her life. Her mother Laverne Johnson has been her rock and source of encouragement. Her two sons, Kristian and Geoffrey are a constant reminder of greatness exemplified in young African American men. Her daughters Emana and Nia represent beauty, brains and hearts of servants. And lastly, the continuous twinkle in her eye represents her five-year-old son Kaiden, whose resilience keeps her humble and grateful to God for restoration